Solar panel solutions for private clients

Sale and installation of solar panel parks on a turnkey basis.

We carry out work on all types of roofs, build ground parks and install batteries to store solar energy. Our services include designing a solution, building a station and connecting it to the grid. We also help clients with bureaucratic processes such as obtaining permits, coordination with local authorities and so on.

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In addition to solar panel parks we offer solar energy storage systems and electrical vehicle charging stations.

The cost of the project is always individual. List of factors that affect the price and the technical component of the project:

  • Roof area
  • Angle of the roof in relation to the sun
  • The direction of the roof in relation to the side of the horizon
  • The existence of a contract for the sale of electricity
  • Year around electrical consumption
  • Client needs.

Main equipment and operating principle of the solar station

  1. Solar panels produce direct current.
  2. Inverter inverts direct current (DC) current to alternative current (AC).
  3. Electrical cabinet. The inverter is connected to the main or secondary electrical cabinet.
  4. Two-way reading electricity meter. Meter records sold and bought electricity difference. The local electricity supplier installs the meter.
  5. Grid.
  6. Solar energy storage systems allow user to accumulate energy in the power banks.
  7. Electrical vehicle charging station (EV). EV can be programmed parallel with the solar system to reach the maximum efficiency. EV charger power can be adjusted automatically.
  8. Electrical consumers.
  9. Electrical energy moves in both directions. If there is not enough solar energy then the systems automatically consume extra energy from the grid. If the produced solar energy is greater than consumption then energy automatically moves to the grid and a two-way meter reads the sold energy volume.
  10. Storage systems can be programmed. It is possible to store the energy from the solar panels but also store the energy from the grid. The stored energy can be used for house consumption and also can be sold to the grid. If the system contains the equipment called a „smart hub“ then the system can track the electricity market prices to store and sell energy most efficiently.